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June 21, 2018

Resolution To End the Prosecution of Migrants Seeking Asylum

On June 22, 2018, Mike Siegel petitioned the Texas Democratic Party to pass this resolution condemning the immoral criminalization of migrants at the southern border, asking the 7000 delegates of the TDP to support an emergency resolution to protect asylum seekers immediately.

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April 12, 2018

Mike Siegel for Congress Joins Growing List of Unionized Campaigns

Mike Siegel’s campaign for the 10th Congressional District of Texas has recognized a union to represent its campaign workers, joining a growing movement of political campaigns with unionized staff.

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March 29, 2018

Democratic Candidate Mike Siegel Invites Voters to Taco Town Hall While Republicans Michael McCaul and Speaker Paul Ryan Host Private Fundraiser for Rich Donors

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March 14, 2018

TX-10 is a Swing District Now 

We congratulate Conor Lamb on his victory in the Pennsylvania special election: a Democratic victory in a district that went for Donald Trump by 20 points in 2016.

Trump’s margin of victory in the 10th district was 9 points.

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February 23, 2018

Where I Stand on Guns and Gun Control

The senseless tragedy in Parkland last week cost us 17 lives. We can never get those people back. But it gave a voice to the incredibly courageous young students of Stoneman Douglas High School, and the whole world is listening. These brave young women and men have used the spotlight to deliver message that maybe, just maybe, our country might be ready to hear:

We must take action to stop gun violence in America.   Now.

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“You Can’t Buy People”

As of this year, Michael McCaul is the wealthiest person in the United States Congress. But you can’t buy people. Here’s our first campaign video.

January 25, 2018
For Immediate Release

Mike Siegel Calls for Investigation of Illegal Austin Immigration Raids

Representative Michael McCaul must immediately condemn ICE and investigate its illegal practices

In February 2017, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) colluded to punish Austin voters for electing a sheriff who opposed large-scale deportations of non-violent criminal offenders. As the City of Austin and community organizations mobilized to oppose the raids and Senate Bill 4, ICE conducted widespread arrests.
ICE originally reported arresting 51 individuals in the attack. We now know that this was a lie, intended to diminish the scope of the actual attack. ICE now admits that they arrested at least 132 individuals. 

An ICE official admitted in open court in front of a United States Magistrate Judge that these arrests were retaliation for the voters’ election of Sheriff Sally Hernandez, and for her implementation of humane policies that allow families to stay together except in instances of serious and violent crimes. These raids terrorized Austin communities and caused widespread harm to hundreds of American families.

“Through the Senate Bill 4 litigation, I worked with attorneys across Texas to show how these raids caused students to miss school, patients to miss medical appointments, and businesses to leave our state,” said congressional candidate Mike Siegel. “I am concerned that our elected District 10 Representative, Michael McCaul, is complicit in these retaliatory raids. And I believe that in his position as Homeland Security Committee Chairman, he must have known about the true scale of these attacks. If he did in fact participate in this cover-up, then he lied to the people of Texas and should be removed from office.”

We demand that Michael McCaul immediately condemn ICE’s attempt to cover up the scale of its retaliatory arrests in the Austin community, and explain to his constituents why this happened.

And we thank Gus Bova at his team at the Texas Observer for their diligent reporting on this important issue.


 “You Can’t Buy People”

As of this year, Michael McCaul is the wealthiest person in the United States Congress. But you can’t buy people. Here’s our first campaign video.


Mike Siegel for Congress
Official Campaign Kickoff Event

Wednesday, January 10
6pm to 8pm

Brentwood Social House
1601 W. Koenig Lane
Austin, TX 78756 

To RSVP, call 512-993-8832 or click here.



December 5, 2017
For Immediate Release

Mike Siegel Announces Campaign for Congressional Seat Held by $300 Million Republican

Leading attorney against Senate Bill 4 promises to fight for immediate reversal of “Tax Scam”

Drawing inspiration from recent Democratic gains in Virginia and Oklahoma, Austin attorney Mike Siegel announced his candidacy for the 10th Congressional District of Texas, a seat currently held by seven-time incumbent Michael McCaul. “I am running to fight for Texans who are left behind by the current administration, which seems singularly focused on enriching the wealthiest Americans while taking as much as possible from the rest of us,” Siegel declared.

Siegel, who currently serves as an Assistant City Attorney for the City of Austin, is best known locally for suing Governor Greg Abbott after the passage of Senate Bill No. 4, the “sanctuary city” bill that threatens to remove local officials and criminally prosecute police chiefs who protect immigrant families. Siegel has also challenged landlords who fail to maintain apartment complexes, and he recently sued the State of Texas for discriminating against renters who utilize government assistance.

“My campaign will highlight how Rep. McCaul has personally enriched himself, to the tune of several million dollars, by voting for the recent Tax Bill,” Siegel declared. “McCaul is one of the most loyal Republicans to President Trump, going so far as to say he wants to ‘build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.’ This type of leadership does nothing to benefit working Texans and our families, and we need a change.”

Siegel’s prior experience includes several years as a public school teacher and union representative; several years running nonprofit education agencies providing free after-school and summer programs; and a prior legal practice representing whistleblowers and victims of discrimination.

Siegel will file his candidacy with the Texas Democratic Party at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 5th.

Position Statements
  • Healthcare for All

    Living in this precarious state limits our ability to succeed economically, provide for our children, and build for the future.

  • Public Education

    As a former teacher, I know the importance of public education and have seen first hand how our teachers are our most essential public servants.

    Today that institution is under attack. When education is treated as a source for profit, it becomes easy for students to fall through the cracks. Special Needs students, students with disabilities, students from underserved communities or at-risk neighborhoods; all these children suffer when education is treated as a for-profit commodity.

  • Jobs and the Economy

    Our government should devote itself to ensuring that every American can work and achieve economic success. There are many ways the government can ensure job creation. We know that small businesses are the engine of our economy and the government should make available access to the support that they need. When the economy leaves some workers behind however, the government should create jobs directly.

  • Common Sense Gun Regulation

    As a political issue gun control is complex: there are many proposals, opinions, and ideas out there for helping turn the tide of gun violence in this country. There’s a lot to talk about. However, we need to act now.

  • Environmental Justice

    In the past, the Republicans have launched devastating assaults on our environment, including: pulling out of the Paris Accord on greenhouse gases, propping up the fossil-fuel industry with rollbacks of Obama-era climate change and pollution policies, and limiting federal funding for science and the environment. The list goes on.

  • Equal Rights for Women
  • Immigration

    The Republican party is moving away from the values that are the foundation of our country. Michael McCaul and the Republican Party prefer to demonize immigrants as criminals, and cruelly supports a family separation policy that traumatizes children for political gain. He also thinks we should “build a wall and make Mexico pay for it”.

  • Racial Justice

    With the election of Donald Trump, racial prejudice, discrimination, and old-fashioned white supremacy are on full display in Republican policies and on our streets.

    A small sample of these policies is harrowing: Republicans have restricted minority voting rights, they’re reviving the War on Drugs, they tried to eliminate Affordable Care and its assistance for low-income working people, and they demonize immigrants nearly every day.

    This cruelty and injustice will not stand. As your representative, I will push for a broad spectrum of reforms to fight racial injustice.

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Mike Siegel with his wife Hindatu and their children Malik and Hamza.


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