Meet Mike Siegel, Democrat for Congress

My story

I have dedicated most of my adult life to public service. 

Out of college, I began work as a public school teacher, serving in the Teach for America corps and teaching 3rd, 5th, and 8th grade in under-resourced public schools.

Later, I co-founded two nonprofit education organizations, serving as executive director of Oakland Leaf in California and providing free after-school and summer programs to thousands of children and youth. 

I returned to school to obtain a law degree with the goal of impacting systemic change. My legal career began as a civil rights attorney, representing individuals affected by discrimination and retaliation, and challenging local and state policies that targeted vulnerable minority groups.

After moving to Texas and taking the Texas Bar Exam, I was hired by the City of Austin. I am an Assistant City Attorney here in Austin.

I am lead attorney for the City’s challenge to Senate Bill No. 4 and helped to obtain a preliminary injunction against this unjust and misguided law that targets Hispanic Texans and immigrants. I have also fought for the rights of tenants in decrepit housing projects and defended the City against multiple politically-motivated lawsuits filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

I was born into a union household - my mother was a welder at a Caterpillar factory, a member of the machinists union, and was on strike against unsafe working conditions when I was in the womb. I have spent my life surrounded by working people, by people of all backgrounds, and by people willing to dedicate their lives to fighting for the greater good.

Through my candidacy, I seek to unite the various communities of the 10th Congressional District who are thoroughly unrepresented by the current Congressman. From Austin to Houston, Bastrop to Prairie View, we all deserve to have our voices heard.

Congress has been steadily attacking our health care, our community programs, our diverse neighbors, and our way of life. It is time to fight back, whatever the odds of victory, because we cannot cede any ground in this country to those who would use the federal government as a source of personal enrichment.

I have a history of fighting—for working people, students, families, disadvantaged populations—and I will bring that same spirit to the position of Representative for the 10th Congressional District of Texas.



Mike and his family: Hindatu, Malik, and Hamza.Mike and his family: Hindatu, Malik, and Hamza.

These are my people.

My wife Hindatu and I moved to Texas in 2013. We wanted to be closer to her family, including her sister and our niece and nephew. Hindatu is a veterinarian, and not long after we got here, she got a job at animal hospital in Austin. Now she’s the owner of a successful veterinary practice.

Our sons Malik and Hamza are 5 and 2, respectively. They’re not always as adorable as they look in this picture.

Mike Siegel.Mike Siegel.

Career highlights:

began teaching in the public schools; met wife Hindatu as both served in Americorps through the Teach for America program

co-founded Oakland Leaf, a nonprofit education organization dedicated to “community transformation through creative education”; as executive director co-founded several after-school programs as well as Oakland Peace Camp, a free arts and social justice summer program for middle and high school youth

awarded Freeman Award for Civil-Human Rights at Cornell Law School, based in part on work to lead a symposium on mercenary soldiers and serve as legal coordinator for Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan, a conference sponsored by Iraq Veterans Against the War and bringing forward veteran accounts of war crimes and other human rights concerns

profiled by California Lawyer for work representing youth who were targets of “gang injunction” policy; Mike’s clients—who were demonized in the court of public opinion—were eventually dismissed as defendants after the city failed to identify a single instance of criminal misconduct

2016 and 2017
Mike wins injunctions against owners of Cross Creek and Orchard Plaza apartment complexes in Austin, based on substandard conditions; court orders resulted in substantial repairs, new owners for both complexes, and tenant guarantees of affordability and eviction protection

as part of a powerful legal team including five major Texas cities, the ACLU and MALDEF, Mike wins an injunction against Governor Greg Abbott and the State of Texas, preventing some of the most injurious aspects of the anti-immigrant law “Senate Bill 4” from taking effect