Healthcare for All

Healthcare is a basic human right. Yet too many Texans lack access to quality care and many live on the brink of medical bankruptcy: only one accident, or one health crisis, can destroy our economic well-being. 

What we are facing:

Living in this precarious state limits our ability to succeed economically, provide for our children, and build for the future.

Where I stand:

As your representative in Congress I will fight to make sure every American has quality, comprehensive healthcare, regardless of their ability to pay. Key issues I will focus on:

  • Affordability
  • Access
  • Healthcare for all

Why we need change:

My opponent voted to cut the Affordable Care Act without having any replacement in place. He celebrated his vote, which endangered tens of thousands of his own constituents here in TX-10.

The Republican leadership has instead made a choice to de-fund the government and prioritize tax cuts for the wealthy.

The Republican party has proposed cuts to Social Security, Medicare, housing, and even food for the hungry, to pay for tax cuts for millionaires like my opponent.