Health Care

The government should guarantee the basic human needs of all Americans, including access to quality health care.

Too many Texans lack access to quality health care. This issue hurts our families, our businesses, and our communities. Texas has a sky-high maternal mortality rate. We do not have sufficient access to reproductive health care. We lack access to mental health care. And in rural areas we lack access to quality hospitals.

Because we lack access to health care, many Texans live on the brink of bankruptcy: only one accident, or one health crisis, can destroy our economic well-being. Living in this precarious state limits our ability to succeed economically, provide for our children, and build for the future. 

I support Medicare for All and other efforts to make healthcare available to everyone. Medicare provides a solid baseline to expand the current system to cover tens of millions of uninsured Americans.

Our government can afford to provide a complete safety net, including health care, but the Republican leadership has instead de-funded the government through tax cuts for the wealthy. Ever since the “2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” the federal government has been forced to borrow over a trillion dollars, and the Republican party has proposed cuts to Social Security, Medicare, housing, and even food for the hungry.

A comprehensive government health care program will benefit the American people while achieving numerous efficiencies. Our economy will prosper with a healthier and better supported workforce. Most importantly, we will have peace of mind. 

Regardless of our birth or economic status, we all need access to quality doctors, affordable medicine, necessary equipment, and quality care. This should be the top priority of Congress, and would be my top priority if elected.