Racial Justice

The fight for racial justice is an economic, legal, and moral struggle.

What we are facing:

With the election of Donald Trump, racial prejudice, discrimination, and old-fashioned white supremacy are on full display in Republican policies and on our streets.

A small sample of these policies is harrowing: Republicans have restricted minority voting rights, they’re reviving the War on Drugs, they tried to eliminate Affordable Care and its assistance for low-income working people, and they demonize immigrants nearly every day.

This cruelty and injustice will not stand. As your representative, I will push for a broad spectrum of reforms to fight racial injustice.

Where I stand:

First, I will work for stronger voting rights, strengthening the Voting Rights Act, ending felony disenfranchisement, and making voter registration automatic.

I will work to end the War on Drugs, which continues the legacy of Jim Crow, and stop discrimination in policing, prosecution, and sentencing.

I support a clean DREAM Act and a path to citizenship for families who live here.To make our country a fairer place, we must end housing discrimination and invest in education at every level - including offering college for all, regardless of wealth.

Finally, we need to recognize the roles of healthcare and employment in an equitable society. Without access to quality healthcare, you’re living on the edge of disaster, so I support a “Medicare for All” system to guarantee a basic level of care.

To actually build minority wealth, we need full employment - I will support infrastructure programs that put Texans to work rebuilding, starting with our flood infrastructure.

Why we need change:

My opponent leads the demonization of immigrants. He was an architect of the Muslim ban, supports Family Separation, and supports ending DACA.