LGBTQ Rights

I have a history of fighting for equal rights and justice, and opposing discrimination and retaliation - irrespective of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity. I will defend the human rights of the LGBTQ community.

What we are facing:

We have a Trump administration and Republican party which are dismantling LGBTQ-friendly policies, including in healthcare. This is unacceptable.

Where I stand:

As your representative in Congress I will fight for equal rights and justice, and oppose discrimination and retaliation in the LGBTQ community. I will work with organizations such as HRC, The Caucus and Stonewall Democrats to make sure the community has a voice in Washington fighting for their rights.

Why we need change:

  • My opponent has voted no on passing legislation to prohibit job discrimination based on sexual orientation.
  • McCaul rates 0% by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) which “indicates his anti-gay stance.”
  • This administration is trying to reinstate a ban on transgender people in the military.
  • Nearly one-third of Trump’s judicial nominees have anti-LGBTQ records.
  • The Trump administration rescinded a “nonbinding Obama-era guidance” stating that K-12 schools that receive federal funding so trans students are protected under federal civil rights law.
  • The Justice Department under this administration also rescinded another Obama-era memo that said trans workers are protected under civil rights law.
  • The Justice Department has also argued that anti-gay discrimination is legal.

I am fighting to make our District, state and country safe for all, and will work to reverse every Republican action that has undermined the rights of our LGBTQ communities.