TX-10 is a Swing District Now 

We congratulate Conor Lamb on his victory in the Pennsylvania special election: a Democratic victory in a district that went for Donald Trump by 20 points in 2016.

Trump’s margin of victory in the 10th district was 9 points.


Conor’s victory confirms what we’ve suspected since Mike Siegel entered this race: The 10th district is more winnable than anyone thinks. It’s a swing district now, and we fully intend to take this fight directly to Michael McCaul and win in November.

Almost as important as Conor’s win is why and how he won the race. He didn’t water down his message or try to stake out some centrist “middle ground”; he made a powerful case for our party’s economic message, and it’s one that will resonate just as well here in Texas. 

The economic policies of the Republican Party, led by out-of-touch multimillionaires like Michael McCaul, are simply terrible for the middle-class and lower-income voters who make up the majority of our district. The more our voters know about the recent “tax cut” for example— which took a trillion dollars of wealth out of the US economy and put it in the pockets of the richest people in America— the more they’ll listen to what our party has to say. 

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