Where I Stand

Here are my positions on the issues I think are the most important to the people of my district. If an issue you care about isn’t listed here, contact me and I’ll tell you where I stand.

Medicare For All

Every American should have quality health care. How can we allow thousands of Americans to die every year in order for corporate interests to profit off of America’s suffering? We have an obligation to fix this broken system and create a new one that works for all. The most efficient, cost-effective system is a single-payer plan. We can reduce administration costs from 20% to 2% and give people the care they deserve. That is why I support a Medicare-for-All healthcare system that leaves no one behind. We can have the best healthcare outcomes in the world, while lowering prices. Let’s achieve this goal — together.

Green New Deal

We must take immediate action to protect our planet from human-caused climate change. We have an opportunity — to not only reverse the damage we have done — but to build a renewable economy that creates millions of jobs, ends our dependence on fossil fuels, and fosters a cleaner planet and healthier population. This is one of the greatest challenges we are facing, but we have a chance to create a better world for generations to come. We must ensure the economic security of Americans who currently work in environmentally-destructive industries by creating a just transition off fossil fuels. That is why I am supporting the Green New Deal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. Together, we can make bold strides to preserve and protect our planet and the people who are being affected by climate change today.

End The War On Drugs

The War on Drugs is a failed concept that has been abused to support mass incarceration, the destruction of families, and the waste of trillions of dollars. Substance abuse should not be a criminal issue. We must treat it as a public health problem that is addressed through social services, not through punitive prosecutions and incarceration. The current approach does nothing but waste public money, destroy families, and perpetuate poverty. When we send a man to prison for possession while the people who broke our economy in 2008 walk free, you know there is something wrong with our criminal justice system. We must end the war on drugs, but we must also go further. We must right the wrongs that have been committed by our broken criminal justice system. 

Protecting & Expanding Voting Rights

The right to vote is our most fundamental right in a democratic society. There have always been barriers to voting — some as overt as grandfather clauses and poll taxes, and some more subtle like voter ID laws, long lines, and blatant intimidation have kept voter turnout down for the benefit of incumbent politicians. That is why I support bold voting rights proposals like Automatic Voter Registration, creating a federal holiday for election day, vote by mail, ending felony disenfranchisement, ending racial and political gerrymandering, restricting the influence of money in politics (which serves to dilute the power of each vote), online voter registration, and same-day registration. I believe when we have the largest participation we have the strongest democracy.

Mike Siegel is ready to fight:

For the rights of working people
Mike supports a $15 minimum wage, affordable healthcare for all Texans, and the right of employees to organize in the workplace.

For the rights of immigrant families
Mike is the lead lawyer in Austin’s lawsuit against the State of Texas and the racist and unfair Senate Bill 4. He’s working to ensure that cities like Austin can continue to protect immigrant families.

For the rights of women and girls
A culture of toxic masculinity has held women and girls back for long enough. It’s time to work towards real equality with laws that require equal pay for equal work, protect against workplace harassment, and affirm a woman’s right to choose.

For a stronger public school system
Mike will protect and improve Texas’s public education system by increasing funding, reducing red tape, and resisting privatization.

For a free and open Internet
Mike supports congressional action to affirm net neutrality, to ensure that all the towns and cities of Central Texas have open access to information.