Where I Stand

Here are my positions on the issues I think are the most important to the people of my district. If an issue you care about isn’t listed here, contact me and I’ll tell you where I stand.

Guns and Gun Control

We must take action to stop gun violence in America.   Now.

As a political issue gun control is complex: there are many proposals, opinions, and ideas out there for helping turn the tide of gun violence in this country. There’s a lot to talk about.

But in the short term , I want to make you three promises and suggest three principles that should guide our efforts towards reducing gun violence.

I promise you this:

I will never take a dime from the NRA or any gun lobbying organization.

I will do everything I can to pass gun control laws in Congress, and I won’t stand by silently if lawmakers fail to act. If politicians drag their feet—whether Republicans or Democrats—you’ll hear about it from me, and we won’t let them get away with it.

Finally: I will treat gun control legislation as what it is: a matter of life and death. There have been far too many human lives lost because lawmakers failed to act.

Those are my promises to you. As we go forward and try to get something done, here are three principles that should guide us:

Some people should not be able to buy guns of any kind.  A history of violent crime, an active restraining order, a history of mental illness: based on these or other criteria, some people should simply not be able to purchase firearms. 

Civilians should not be allowed to own military weapons. We can protect the rights of hunters and sportsmen; semiautomatic assault rifles are not sporting goods. If you want to fire a machine gun, join the military.

No industry should be able to buy politicians. The NRA spends millions of dollars every year to promote the unlimited purchase and use of killing machines like the AR-15. Comprehensive campaign finance reform will get corporate money out of politics and limit the power of lobbyists to write their own laws.

Read more in Mike’s Policy Statement on Guns

Health Care
High quality health care is a basic human right. 
The Republican assault on access to health care is aided and abetted by Michael McCaul.

Too many Texans do not have access to quality health care. This issue hurts our families, our businesses, and our communities. In rural areas, hospitals are closing and services are eroding.  Availability to reproductive health care continues to decline while the sky-high maternal mortality rate in Texas increases, and availability to mental health care is lacking or non-existent.

Because Republicans continue to assault our health care system, they have put many of us at risk of medical bankruptcy.  As your Representative, I support health care for all, regardless of birth or economic status.  We must preserve and expand MedicareCHIP, and other programs that ensure we can all live healthy, productive lives. This should be the top priority for Congress, and would be my top priority if elected.

Read more in Mike’s Policy Statement on Health Care


Since the founding of our nation, immigrants have enriched our culture, strengthened our economy, and made the United States a better place to live for everyone.

Migration is a natural human activity. Trying to build a better life for your family is universal.  And unless you are from an indigenous community, you migrated here, or your ancestors did.  We are all immigrants, we are all humans and human beings have rights.  When someone crosses the border they do not lose their humanity or status as a parent by virtue of not having proper documentation. Republicans like McCaul prefer to demonize immigrants as criminals, and cruelly supports a family separation policy that traumatizes children for political gain. 

Michael McCaul also thinks we should “build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.” This ridiculous and malicious idea is a waste of time, money, and will do nothing to improve the lives or safety of Texans.

My commitment will be to ensure a fair immigration system that provides a clear path to legal status for families and individuals who contribute to Texas and this country. I will work to preserve Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and support similar programs that allow families to stay together and pursue the American Dream. 

Read more in Mike’s Policy Statement on Immigration

Reproductive Rights

Women should have simple, informed, and affordable access to the full range of modern contraceptives, including emergency contraception. I believe that reproductive choice is a universal human right.

Affordable, reliable, and safe contraception has been a stunning public health success, reducing maternal and infant injury and death from high-risk pregnancies, unsafe abortions, and medical treatments that would otherwise be unnecessary. I strongly support the Affordable Care Act’s requirement for private health insurers to cover contraception as part of every insurance plan on the exchange.

The Trump Administration’s effort to allow more employers and insurers to restrict contraceptive coverage under the guise of religious objection discriminates against women and endangers their health. As a U.S. Representative, I will work to reverse the Trump Administration’s efforts by protecting and expanding contraceptive coverage under the ACA.

I will also support the expansion of contraceptive coverage for low-income women through traditional Medicaid, which is implemented unevenly among the states.

Michael McCaul supports a tax bill that will transfer trillions of dollars to the wealthiest Americans— and millions into his own bank account— from the pockets of teachers, graduate students, home owners, and 13 million people who rely on the Affordable Care Act.

The people behind this terrible legislation—a sloppy, partially hand-written 450-page document— say that if we give massive tax breaks to corporations and CEOs, that money will somehow “trickle down” to the working people, even as most CEOs themselves say they’re more likely to spend that money on investments and stock dividends for their shareholders. 

My priority as your representative will be to guarantee a living wage for workers and a tax policy that directly benefits all Texans. I will work to devote government resources to building and restoring essential infrastructure such as dams and bridges - and in the process create quality jobs for Central Texas.

Read more in Mike’s Policy Statement on the Economy

Racial Justice

The fight for racial justice is an economic, legal, and moral struggle.

With the election of Donald Trump, racial prejudice, discrimination, and old-fashioned white supremacy are on full display in Republican policies and on our streets.

A small sample of these policies is harrowing: Republicans have restricted minority voting rights, they’re reviving the War on Drugs, they tried to eliminate Obamacare and its assistance for low-income working people, and they demonize immigrants nearly every day.

This cruelty and injustice will not stand. As your representative, I will push for a broad spectrum of reforms to fight racial injustice.

First, I will work for stronger voting rights, strengthening the Voting Rights Act, ending felony disenfranchisement, and making voter registration automatic.

I will work to end the War on Drugs, which continues the legacy of Jim Crow, and stop discrimination in policing, prosecution, and sentencing. I support a clean DREAM Act and a path to citizenship for families who live here. To make our country a fairer place, we must end housing discrimination and invest in education at every level — including offering college for all, regardless of wealth.

Finally, we need to recognize the roles of healthcare and employment in an equitable society. Without access to quality healthcare, you’re living on the edge of disaster, so I support a “Medicare for All” system to guarantee a basic level of care. To actually build minority wealth, we need full employment — I will support infrastructure programs that put Texans to work rebuilding, starting with our flood infrastructure.  

Public Education
Public education is the foundation of our democratic system, and public schoolteachers are some of our most essential public servants. We must protect the quality and integrity of the American public school system: our future literally depends on it.

Public education helped to build our democracy, and continues to make our country stronger day after day. Teachers help raise our children, train our workforce, instill values, and share their love of learning.

Today that institution is under attack.  When education is treated as a source for profit, it becomes easy for students to fall through the cracks. Special needs students, students with disabilties, students from underserved communities or at-risk neighborhoods; all these children suffer when education is treated as a for-profit commodity.

The federal government must strengthen and expand our public education system. I support amendments to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that would raise the floor of our public education system by reducing class sizes; increasing teacher compensation; providing for arts, athletics, and STEM programs; installing modern technology in every classroom; and guaranteeing quality special education programs.

Read more in Mike’s Policy Statement on Public Education

Environmental Justice
The fight against climate change is one of our most important struggles.

Under Trump, U.S. environmental policy is appalling, and Michael McCaul’s support for the administration remains as staunch as ever.

In the past, the Republican have launched devastating assaults on our environment, including: pulling out of the Paris Accord on greenhouse gases, propping up the fossil-fuel industry with rollbacks of Obama-era climate change and pollution policies, and limiting federal funding for science and the environment. The list goes on.

As your representative, I will support efforts to re-join the Paris Accord. We need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and increase renewable energy production, so I will work ensure that Texas develops reliable mass transit and a thriving clean renewable energy industry.

This shift cannot be allowed to hurt working families, so I will commit to pairing reductions in fossil fuel use with job-training programs to provide a “just transition” to new livelihoods for workers who depend on these industries..

I also support legislatively strengthening and expanding the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, and other core environmental laws, while fully funding the Environmental Protection Agency’s enforcement programs.

Read more in Mike’s Policy Statement on Environmental Justice

Mike Siegel is ready to fight:

For the rights of working people
Mike supports a $15 minimum wage, affordable healthcare for all Texans, and the right of employees to organize in the workplace.

For the rights of immigrant families
Mike is the lead lawyer in Austin’s lawsuit against the State of Texas and the racist and unfair Senate Bill 4. He’s working to ensure that cities like Austin can continue to protect immigrant families.

For the rights of women and girls
A culture of toxic masculinity has held women and girls back for long enough. It’s time to work towards real equality with laws that require equal pay for equal work, protect against workplace harassment, and affirm a woman’s right to choose.

For a stronger public school system
Mike will protect and improve Texas’s public education system by increasing funding, reducing red tape, and resisting privatization.

For a free and open Internet
Mike supports congressional action to affirm net neutrality, to ensure that all the towns and cities of Central Texas have open access to information.