Here are my positions on the issues I think are the most important to the people of my district.
If an issue you care about isn’t listed here, contact me and I’ll tell you where I stand.

Healthcare for All

Healthcare is a basic human right. Yet too many Texans lack access to quality care and many live on the brink of medical bankruptcy: only one accident, or one health crisis, can destroy our economic well-being. 

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Public Education

As your representative in Congress, I will fight to protect the quality and integrity of the American public school system: our future literally depends on it.

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Jobs and the Economy

The disparity in wealth between rich and poor is worse than ever before. Adopting a national minimum wage that is a true living wage is a great first step on the path to shared economic prosperity.

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Common Sense Gun Regulation

America has a profound problem with gun violence. In our schools, in our churches, in our urban centers, every day Americans needlessly die due to the proliferation of unregulated firearms. We need common sense gun legislation to help reduce this epidemic.

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Environmental Justice

The fight against climate change is one of our most important struggles.

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Equal Rights for Women

A culture of toxic masculinity has held women and girls back for long enough. It’s time to work towards real equality with laws that require equal pay for equal work, protect against workplace harassment, and affirm a woman’s right to choose.

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Since the founding of our nation, immigrants have enriched our culture, strengthened our economy, and made the United States a better place to live for everyone.

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LGBTQ Rights

I have a history of fighting for equal rights and justice, and opposing discrimination and retaliation - irrespective of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity. I will defend the human rights of the LGBTQ community.

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Racial Justice

The fight for racial justice is an economic, legal, and moral struggle.

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