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Why I am running

My career has been in public service, as a school teacher, civil rights lawyer, and advocate for communities left out of the political process. I am running for Congress to make sure we have a safety net that protects every American, and to restore common decency to our federal government.

I was born into a union household - my mother was a welder at a Caterpillar factory, a member of the machinists union, and was on strike against unsafe working conditions when I was in the womb. I have spent my life surrounded by working people, by people of all backgrounds, and by people willing to dedicate their lives to fighting for the greater good.

Through my candidacy, I seek to unite the various communities of the 10th Congressional District who are thoroughly unrepresented by the current Congressman. From Austin to Houston, Bastrop to Prairie View, we all deserve to have our voices heard.

Our current “representative” does not care for his constituents. Rep. Michael McCaul celebrated after voting to destroy affordable health care, and continues to brag about tax cuts that enriched his family but set the stage for cuts to Social Security.

Some think that TX-10 is a “safe” Republican seat, but this District is not safe for us: for Texans who need health care; for workers without a living wage; for immigrant families that want to stay together; for seniors who rely on Social Security; for students who can’t afford college; for residents of Harris County who face another hurricane season without adequate flood control. And if we aren’t safe, the incumbent shouldn’t be either.

I have a history of fighting—for working people, students, families, disadvantaged populations—and I will bring that same spirit to the position of Representative for the 10th Congressional District of Texas.

Love and respect,
Mike Siegel

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My Family:

My wife Hindatu and I moved to Texas in 2013 to be closer to her family, including her sister and our niece and nephew. Hindatu is a veterinarian, and not long after we moved, she got a job at animal hospital in Austin. Now she’s the owner of a successful veterinary practice. We have two kids, Malik (6) and Hamza (3), who are not always as adorable as they look in this picture.